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The EU Tobacco Products Directive: Part II

Mateusz Zatoński For part I of this article see How did the decision of the Polish MEPs to vote for weakening and limiting the Tobacco Products Directive fit into the research-policy nexus? Did they simply disregard the evidence at their disposal? 1.  Lack of consensus over evidence The first factor that influenced the decision […]

The EU Tobacco Products Directive: part I

Mateusz Zatonski Carl Sagan reputedly wrote that “if we did not respect the evidence, we would have very little leverage in our quest for the truth.” Most of the participants of the debate on the shape of the Revision to the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) would (and did) vociferously concur with Sagan’s sentiment. […]

Why the reduction of global smoking prevalence should remain a Public Health priority

Mateusz Zatoński The reduction of global smoking prevalence has become a Public Health priority in the last decades of the 20th century. As the recent debate over the proposed Update to the EU Tobacco Products Directive has shown some opponents of stricter tobacco regulation, among which many Polish politicians can unfortunately be found, argue that […]